Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Chelsee Dickinson and I am an experienced, qualified and registered Integrative Counsellor  working from my own private practice in Doncaster.

Whatever your reason for making contact, Counselling can help you understand what you are going through and support you as you face difficult thoughts and feelings. Everyone can find life overwhelming at times. As a professional Integrative Counsellor I provide a safe and confidential space in which to talk about and explore what is troubling you so that together we can start to make sense of your feelings and concerns.

Counselling is a unique experience for everyone but starts with sitting together in a private space and talking about whatever feelings and thoughts you wish to bring. I will try to help you look at these from the perspective of the relationships you have in your everyday life, sometimes those from the past and, at times, the relationship we have to each other when we meet. For example, you might wish to talk about a feeling of depression or an inability to engage with the world around you. A Counselling approach might be to explore the shape of this depression and what purpose it may serve for you and those around you. Over time, a better understanding of the underlying motives and causes of your problem can lead to a greater sense of integration and control in your life and, importantly, to more authentic relationships with others.

I have helped people in the past who have experienced difficulties such as stress and anxiety, bereavement, redundancy, depression and feelings of hopelessness, addiction, relationship and sexual problems, family problems and concerns and difficulties with anger and workplace issues.

If you would like to know more please call, text or send me an email so we can talk briefly about what you would like and, if appropriate, arrange an initial meeting. This is without commitment but is simply to give a sense of how we might work together and importantly, for you to see if I am the right person for you. Everything will be treated with the utmost respect and confidence.

This initial meeting would be for 50 minutes.

If you decide you would like to continue then we would meet each week for 50 minutes on a mutually agreed day and time.

My fee can be discussed when we meet.

All our communications will be confidential. I adhere to strict professional standards maintained by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP and have full indemnity insurance, receive regular professional clinical supervision and undertake continual professional development.


“It is believed that about a quarter of the UK population will struggle with a mental health issue in the course of a year, whether suffering from depression, anxiety, or struggling with more acute psychiatric conditions. Many people are often not aware of what they are struggling with, aside from feeling stuck, lonely or desperate in a way that is having a profound effect on their lives."

If you have decided counselling is the right direction for you to choose then you can of course book and pay for your appointment online today. I offer Free cancellation and and full refund policy up until 2 hours before our appointment.

My Fee for one Counselling Hour Session is £40.00


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